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"ICCOM, A Leader in Chiropractic Office Management and Compliance Training"

From the smallest one doctor environment to the multidisciplinary centers, ICCOM is designed to assist you, the Chiropractic Office Manager or C.O.M.*

ICCOM ( is the premier institute for chiropractic office management professionals. ICCOM is dedicated to the effective management of chiropractic offices needed to deliver quality chiropractic care to the public. ICCOM is committed to advancing the chiropractic professional office Management in an increasingly electronic and global environment through leadership in advocacy, education, certification, and lifelong learning.

ICCOM is an online education center. Committed to exploring and delivering the most advanced management systems and processes to all chiropractic professionals involved with day to day office management. (Monthly newsletters, Q & A, Online Books, Resources, Educational Links)

The Chiropractic Office Manager, is ICCOM’s FREE online information center that wants you the COM to have access at anytime to your immediate questions. You want to know or need to know NOW, just ASK.


Edie Hofmann, Executive Director

Chiropractic Office Management and Compliance Expert

Edie Hofmann. Executive Director

Passionate about chiropractic and its future, Edie Hofmann has dedicated her career to providing services to support chiropractic and chiropractors through office management, HIPAA compliance, documentation and education.

ICCOM, LLC, which is the fulfillment of her dream to establish an International Center for Chiropractic Office Management to raise the level of professional office managers and staff through consistent education, motivation and passion for chiropractic.
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