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Advance Beneficiary Notice

The number one question about ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) that I get is when and how often am I to have a patient sign the ABN?

Think of it like this. It is to be signed when a patient believes that Medicare will pay for the services, Medicare does not, then they have to.  You are telling (Notice) the patient (Beneficiary) before (Advance) the services are rendered that Medicare may or may not pay and if they don't, the patient is responsible for payment.

Exams, X-rays and physical therapy in a chiropractic office are non allowed services by Medicare.  Therefore, you do not have to notify your patient.  You may want to do it just to be fair to the patient.

Adjustments are sometimes denied.  Whenever you believe that the adjustment the patient received will not be paid and you intend to collect from the patient if it is not paid, you owe it to your patient to have them sign an ABN.  In fact, that is when Medicare requires you to do so.


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