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  1. What is the A.C.E. Program?
  2. What is a tele-seminar?
  3. What is the online Synergy Forum?
  4. How do the tele-seminars work?
  5. What if the live tele-seminar time is inconvenient for our office?
  6. How much is membership in the A.C.E. Program?
  7. How long is the membership period?
  8. What if I don't want to be a member?
  9. Do you offer a free-trail for one tele-seminar?
  10. What core topics do you cover?
  11. When is the best time to start?
  12. How is the A.C.E. Program different from other coaching companies?
  13. How can I tell if the program is a good return on my investment?
  14. What type of chiropractic practice is the A.C.E. Program geared for?
  15. What lever of CA is the A.C.E. Program geared for?
  16. Is it difficult to hear with all those other offices on the line at the same time?
  17. What if I'm already in a DC-based coaching program?
  18. What is the significance of the different suites on the A.C.E. Program logo?
  19. How do I sign Up?

What is the A.C.E. Program?
The A.C.E. Program (Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence) is a teleseminar-based CA Coaching Program. Each month, we focus on a different topic, based on the universal principle that whatever you focus on expands. By targeting one core topic a month, your team will be able to systematize your practice success. You’ve probably attended an all-day or even a weekend seminar in the past. More than likely, your team was overwhelmed with a barrage of changes, which actually makes any attempt at growth rather counterproductive. Creating an environment of chaos in your office repels most patients. The A.C.E. Program is based on providing practical solutions that yield profitable results.

What is a tele-seminar?
It's like attending a seminar over the telephone. Kim Klapp presents the most up-to-date information and success strategies on each month's topic. Kim invites a dynamic chiropractor to present the topic of Chiropractic Philosophy. Kim packs tons into each tele-seminar, and is committed to staying on the line at the end until all questions are answered, whether on that topic or any other.

What is the online Synergy Forum?
It’s like a mastermind or brainstorming session where the members get a chance to share. This is the forum for members to ask questions, share their progress with implementing material from the tele-seminars, get help with practice challenges, or pats on the back for achieved goals or other wins. The Synergy Forum is a tremendous resource because there are literally thousands of years of CA experience as a resource…amazing ideas often transpire!

How do the tele-seminars work?
In each month’s course materials, you’ll receive dial-in instructions and a special pass code. Live tele-seminars are always held on Wednesdays, from 1:00 pm until 2:00 pm Eastern time. At a couple minutes before 1:00 pm (Eastern time), just dial the telephone number. When prompted, enter the special pass code. You’ll then be connected to the tele-seminar with other chiropractic offices around the world. If you join the tele-seminar and hear music playing, don’t worry…it just means that you’re earlier than Kim! When she gets on the line, be ready to say hello and where you're calling from. There are a couple of tremendous benefits to participating in a tele-seminar program. The first is that you save money. You incur no travel, lodging or meal expenses. The other benefit is that the information is extremely well-organized and condensed into one hour. No fluff. No wasted time driving or checking in for a seminar.

What if the live tele-seminar time is inconvenient for our office?
A valuable feature of the A.C.E. Program is that you or your CA's can listen to the recording of the current tele-seminar via the web site at any time for the duration of the month! So whether someone on your team misses the live tele-seminar, the time is inconvenient, or you simply want to hear the information again, just go to the members only section of the A.C.E. website.

How much is membership in the A.C.E. Program?
Membership consists of the one-hour live tele-seminar, web access to the recording, course materials, applicable sample forms and scripts, the Synergy Forum, plus any additional Q&A with Kim via email or phone. Monthly tuition is only $97 per office. Consider how many extra referrals, kept appointments, and patients pre-paying for their recommended care it would take to cover this investment…it’s basically a “no-brainer.”

How long is the membership period?
There are no specific time minimums or maximums for membership in the A.C.E. Program. I believe in creating only win-win relationships. If you don’t feel that your team is benefiting from the program, just cancel your membership with 15 days written notice via mail, email or fax.

What if I don’t want to be a member?
You may register for tele-seminars on an a la carte basis, but the fee is $147 per month. It’s rather a silly waste of money (costs $50.00 more for less service), but it is an option for those “commitment-phobes.

Do you offer a free-trial for one tele-seminar?
Because there is no required membership period, and you may register for an individual tele-seminar, I do not offer any free tele-seminars. However, if after your first tele-seminar, you aren’t completely satisfied, just notify me in writing within 7 days for a full refund (one refund maximum per office). There is absolutely no risk. There are no cancellation fees, administrative fees, or hidden fees of any kind.

What core topics do you cover?

  • Communication Strategies
  • Internal Marketing Events
  • Office Systems
  • Front Desk
  • Teamwork
  • New Patient Experience
  • Second Visit Strategies
  • Third-party Collections
  • Appointment Systems
  • Financial Consultations
  • Attitude & Focus
  • Patient Education
  • Chiropractic Philosophy
  • Attracting New Patients

When is the best time to start?
The best time to start is when you’re ready to have your CA’s realize that it’s in their interest to help build your practice, rather than unconsciously sabotage growth. More patients do not equate to more work, if your office has the proper systems, attitude and focus. In addition, each of the topics are independent, to enable new members to join anytime, without “missing” anything.

How is the A.C.E. Program different from other coaching companies?
I created the A.C.E. Program in 2000 when there was a dearth of quality resources for chiropractic assistants. While some DC-based coaching companies have added some CA training to their programs, they remain focused primarily on the chiropractor. Alternatively, the A.C.E. Program is focused almost exclusively on the CA. Why? CA’s are the gatekeeper for new patients, referrals, retention and collections in a chiropractic office; CA’s are truly the most valuable asset in your practice. Furthermore, I actually currently run two chiropractic offices in Michigan. Unlike many other coaches and chiropractic gurus, the success strategies that I teach are not based on theory, or what used to work, but on high-volume profitable practice in today’s environment.

How can I tell if the program is a good return on investment for my office?
Each month, CA’s are encouraged to create action steps related to the topic. A terrific tool we use is the monthly A.C.E. Journal. Members fill it out and email or fax it to me after the tele-seminar. Study after study demonstrates the importance of committing to a goal in writing, and the A.C.E. Journal does just that. Not only does this provide accountability for your team, it also helps you track the progress, as we also evaluate action steps from previous months.

What type of chiropractic practice is the A.C.E. Program geared for?
The A.C.E. Program isn’t geared for a specific type of practice. While our practice is focused on subluxation correction and wellness, the success strategies and topics that I teach would apply to any office interested in higher retention, increased referrals and greater collections based on more effective communication and office systems.

What level of CA is the A.C.E. Program geared for?
Every CA can benefit from the A.C.E. Program, whether brand new or a seasoned veteran. Newer CA’s obviously have much more to learn, but experienced CA’s gain advanced techniques and continued motivation to strive for higher and higher levels of excellence.

Is it difficult to hear with all those other offices on the line at the same time?
During the tele-seminar, the line is completely muted out, so there’s no background noise. Of course the line is taken off mute at the end for questions. At that time we rely on the courtesy and consideration of our members to follow the tele-seminar ettiquette guidelines with each month’s course materials. We ask that members minimize background noise, and that they place their own line on mute anytime that they’re not actively sharing. In addition, members should only call from landlines to avoid unnecessary feedback and echoing. In the event of an unruly office, I have the capability of hailing an operator and disconnecting the problem line.

What if I’m already in a DC-based coaching program?
Great then you already understand the benefits of on-going coaching first hand! The information that is covered in the A.C.E. Program should not conflict with any other success principles for a high-volume, profitable, and subluxation-focused and wellness office. Numerous chiropractors are involved in a DC-based coaching program, but prefer the A.C.E. Program for their CA’s.

What is the significance of the different suits on the A.C.E. Program logo?
Each suit symbolizes an important facet of the focus of the A.C.E. Program: increasing collections; working on office systems; loving, giving and serving, and the fellowship and camaraderie of member CA’s.

How do I sign up?

Just visit the Registration page of this website. Before the next tele-seminar, you will receive the course materials, with dial-in instructions and pass code in PDF format via email. Members will also receive an A.C.E. Program binder for their A.C.E. Journals and a Member Profile to complete. You will be contacted by phone one or two days before your first live tele-seminar to answer any questions you have about how the tele-seminars work. I look forward to helping your team reach new levels of success.

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