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A.C.E. Program Core Topics (online course and downloadable forms are available until the end of each month):

  • “Practice-Building Appointment & Recall Systems”—January 2015
  • “Stress-Free Systems for Maximizing Insurance Collections” & “Social Media Marketing”—February 2015
  • “Attract More to Your Practice with Attitude & Focus”—March 2015
  • “Patient Education that Builds Retention, Collections and Referrals”—April 2015
  • “Communication Strategies to Maximize Compliance & Minimize Stress”—May 2015
  • “Building Relationships, Retention & Referrals with Internal Marketing”—June 2015
  • “Attracting More New Patients with Community Workshops”—July 2015
  • “Chiropractic Philosophy for CAs”—August 2015
  • “Systems for High-Profit Low-Stress Practice”—September 2015
  • “Front Desk Mastery to Make Your Practice Flourish”—October 2015
  • “Team-building that Builds Your Practice”—November 2015
  • “New Patient Experience for Raves & Referrals”—December 2015
  • “Second Visit Strategies for Amazing Retention”—January 2016
  • “Higher Patient Collections with Effective Financial Consultations”—February 2016
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