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Accounts Receivable Audits

There is

MONEY buried

in  your

accounts receivable

and I can dig it


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How would your life be

better with thousands of extra dollars?


How much money are you losing due to:

  • Improperly coded services
  • Unfilled claims and services?
  • Unnecessary write offs?
  • Poor, disorganized claim tracking?
  • Unconcerned staff?


Your accounts receivable is too important to ignore 

If insurance claims don't quickly become ca$h in the bank, it's just a "pie in the sky" that cripples your cash flow and hurts your bottom line.  


1. A FREE practice review will be completed to see if you will benefit from this services.*


2: Your Accounts Receivable will be thoroughly analyzed and EOB’s and claims will be  evaluated and the following will be identified for me to seek the full and correct  payment  you deserve.  We will look for:


3.   I will completely train your collections staff and customized written office manual to keep these errors from happening again. 


The charge for this service is based on type of work necessary to collect the account.

Correction of coding:  20% of collected amount (I instruct your staff in collection errors)

Claims adjudication:  40% of collected amount (I personally get involved in collection)





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