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Through our Advanced Training Center (ATC) at the International Center for Chiropractic Office Managers, chiropractors, spouses/partners and CA’s are able to receive specialized training in healthcare office management specifically designed for the practice of chiropractic.

Health care is a business and it requires effective management to keep things running smoothly. Chiropractic office managers oversee the operations, human resources, records, financial and other functions of a health care organizations. The chiropractic office manager holds perhaps the most pivotal role in maintaining profitable operations and delivering top quality care.

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Who is an Ideal Chiropractic Office Manager? (C.O.M.)

The chiropractic office manager traditionally has first been the doctor, then your spouse or partner and/or a CA that has risen in the ranks with years of experience in the office. If the latter were true when the C.O.M. separated, especially abruptly, the clinic would be left with a large hole that would be costly and take time to fill. This usually leads to a decrease in patient volume and collections as the doctors attention is frantically focused on training a new C.O.M.

ICCOM has been specifically created to present a set standards for the C.O.M. that includes precise policies, processes and procedures which creates consistency for the office especially during times of transition in that position. Whether the transition is from doctor to spouse, doctor to staff person, spouse to staff person, or staff person to staff person there will be stability. …AND the doctor will always know what is going on and be in charge.

The C.O.M. is a team player who enjoys working with people and is extremely well organized with near perfect attention to detail and accuracy. The ideal C.O.M. is a proactive self starter who respects the clinics bottom line and looks for ways to increase services and therefore profits. The ideal C.O.M. must have a heartfelt and financial interest in helping the clinic achieve their goals. They must have the ability to work with little supervision and anticipate needs in advance using sound judgment in problem solving. The ideal C.O.M. must have knowledge of and commitment to the clinic’s mission. And at all times making sure that the patients receive the care as recommended by the doctor.

The C.O.M. is responsible for everything that can affect the quality of service in the clinic. “If it is broken, they had better fix it and fix it now. If six things break at once, they have to keep their cool and have the presence of mind to figure it out.”

Who is currently up to the job in your office, you, your spouse, a staff member? Decide now and join ICCOM today.

S.T.A.R Program
Program Facilitated by Edie Hofmann   
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COM Certification Program
Program Facilitated by Edie Hofmann    
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A.C.E. Program
 Program Facilitated by Kim Klapp   
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