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Chiropractic Office Managers Certification Course

Be a S.T.A.R.!!


Founded in 2007, ICCOM’s main services are health care compliance and Chiro-Office Manager Training. The C.O.M. training focuses in 1 of 14 core topics each month on managing your practice. This approach allows for the C.O.M. to learn to build your team. This allows systematic growth for:

Higher profits

Less office stress

More referrals

Well-managed CAs

Less staff turnover

Most doctors dread day by day operations as they choose to focus on taking care of patients.  Whether you don’t have the time, the tools, the patience, the skills or the information…C.O.M’s Chiro-Manager Training is for you.  

Have you always wanted to take your number one staff person to a office management training seminar but found it most likely non-existent? Chiropractic Office Management high-quality training and motivation for your office manager …without costly travel expenses.

Quality office managers coaching is just an online course away. Doctor—continue to do that which you do best and leave the CA supervision to your office manager. Edie Hofmann will educate and motivate your C.O.M’s to stop unconsciously allowing your practice to be sabotaged and start actively building it.

Someone must manage your office and your staff as your build your practice.

In practice for 20 years, new doctor, doctor’s spouse or partner, current office manager or that #1 CA that wants to step-up… need this course.

What Can an exceptionally well trained office manager do for you?

  • Help you increase income and volume as you are freed you up to focus on patient care. 
  • Oversee accounts receivable and payable. 
  • Keep your internal and external marketing campaigns active and productive. 
  • Supply you with necessary reports so you know what is really going on in your office every day. 
  • Professionally recruit, hire, train, and manage your staff.
  • Thorough knowledge in compliance to help you stay out of trouble with HIPAA, OIG Fraud and Abuse and Medicare documentation and coding requirements.
  • Understand how to set goals and generate statistics to know if everyone is on target daily to reach your goals. 

What you will learn from this Comprehensive Course, 12 modules!

This course is set up to take these classes in succession for best results.

You will have access to the monthly module within 2 weeks of registering. 

Complete COM Certification Course $2148.00

Advance payment (15% savings)  $1825.00

12 monthly payments  $179.00


Classes and class details are listed below


Managing and Leading

Being a Leader

Organizing. Matching People to Tasks.

Decision Making: Individual or Group Process.

Managing Conflict


The Role of a Chiropractic Office Manager

Study and Assess Problems. Your Roll with the Doctor

Power:  What it is - How to Get It.  Business Plan of Operation.

Managing Your Time.




Statistical Management and Goal Setting

Assigning Stats Based on Desired Outcomes

Monitoring Stats

Generating Reports for the Doctor

Training Your Staff about Chiropractic and Healthcare Terminology


Compliance (2 modules)

Establishing a Compliance Program

HIPAA, OIG Rules on Fraud and Abuse, and Medicare

Surviving an Audit



Personnel Management (2 modules)

Federal Rules for Employee Record Keeping. Statues Overview.

Staff Assignments and Preparing Job Descriptions

Recruiting, Hiring, Training. Disciplining and Terminating Staff.

Writing an Employee Handbook. Conducting Staff Office Meetings.


Practice Enhancement

The Approach to a Marketing Plan.

Practice Building Guidelines.

Expand Market Depth, Share, and Breadth.

Three Secrets to Marketing.

Utilizing Network Marketing and Social Media.

Healthcare Law and Ethics

Law and the Practice of Chiropractic.

The doctor-patient relationship.

Patient Record Documentation, Organization and Maintenance.



Revenue Management (2 Modules)

Paying Bills, Purchasing, and Vendor Relationships

Billing and Collections Legal Requirements

Insurance Collection Follow-Up System

Understanding Medicare Basic Principles and Documentation

Workers Compensation and Managed Care

Budgeting and Forecasting, Banking

Accounts Receivable Auditing



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