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This is a one year course. Classes may not be in the order shown below.

Managing and Leading

The first class starts with asking you to step up.  Learn how to go from doctor, doctor's wife, CA or someone new to the office and learn to lead your team.     

Staff Development

When it comes to hiring and keeping good employees, you cannot win until you make the people around you successful.

Talented and trained staff is crucial to your success. Your staff is just as responsible for helping you grow the practice as you are ... You need to realize that staff is critical to growing a practice.

Office Systems Development and Management

Without office systems in your office your staff is never completely trained.  If it isn't in writing it does not exist.

Health Care Law, Ethics and Compliance

I am not an attorney and cannot not teach you law.  What we will do is give you an understanding for your daily practice.  This is a 2 part class covering Fraud and Abuse, HIPAA, Medicare compliance and OIG requirement.

Coding and Documentation Management

As an office manager you must be on top of what is being billed, what code is being used and is the criteria that supports using that code in your documentation. Learn how to do in house audits to protect the clinic.

Revenue Management

From accounts payable to accounts receivable you have to know exactly what is going on.

With a few reports every day you can see immediately what is happening in your clinic.

Practice Enhancement

You will learn how to keep internal and external promotions continually moving forward.  At the same time not causing any ethics issue with compliance laws.

Goals Setting and Statistical Management

This is something you will not want to miss.  Understanding how to set your goals, identify what will determine if you meet  your goals and monitor them daily.  You will get the tools to know everyday if you are on track. 


For any questions, 

12 month course 


$179.00 monthly installments

auto-recurring payment required

15% discount for advance payment of $1825.00

Withdrawal policy:

Please note that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with any option. Please notify Edie in writing 7 days prior to the start of the next class that you did not find the information to be a good investment or for whatever reason you may choose to withdraw from the course without penalty.

Advance payment refund:  You will be charged the non discount rate of $179.00 for all classes received and a refund will be issued for the balance within 30 days.

Monthly installment withdrawal:  You may withdraw from the course at anytime without penalty.

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