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What is a compliance and risk assessment audit?


A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines. An independent auditor will evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance policies and procedures. Auditors review privacy policies, security polices, anti-fraud and abuse policies, controls and risk assessment and management procedures over the course of a compliance audit.


The auditor will performs a random, focused pre and post-payment audit of patient records to verify coding accuracy, completeness of charge capture, missing charges and lost revenue opportunities. Also, the auditor will perform an analysis of the coding and charge capture process for assigned areas and documents findings; identifies process issues and educational needs.


Recommendations are made and checklists are prepared for the clinic to move forward in attaining compliance step by step. 

Depending on the complexity of the clinic or compliance risk factors found, a follow-up, in office review may be indicated.

Every clinic should go through a comprehensive audit. 


Audit Schedule: (Monday at noon to Thursday at Noon)

$3550.00 plus expenses 

$1775.00 to be paid at time of scheduling (refund policy)

$1775.00 plus travel expenses to be paid 1 week prior to arrival


Day 1: Doctor Interview and Audit Begins (half day)

Day 2: Continued Audit.  Meet with doctor and initial report.

Day 3: Implementation and Training (work with doctor/office manager),
Day 4: Exit Interview with Written Report (half day)

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Plus Expenses: This will be calculated based on your location and will be added to your first month charges.
Within Driving Distance:  Time, car expense, lodging
Distance Travel: Airfare, lodging, economy car

Refund policy:

Should you choose to cancel the scheduled audit, refund will be as follows:

1) 30 days prior (full refund)

2) 2 weeks prior (1/2 refund minus any cost incurred to ICCOM)

3) 7 days prior, No refund

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