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Build Your Dream Practice

Purpose:  To support you in fulfilling your goal and purpose for being in practice by implementing the tools to  expand your vision as far as you choose and to create for you a system based process that logically integrates all areas of your clinic to guarantee the production of a quality product every time.

"In my 41 years of working with strong purposeful chiropractors, I have learned that without purpose, business becomes random and misdirected and without business, purpose becomes unfulfilled to its fullest potential.".....Edie Hofmann

We will work together to make your dream practice and your life a reality.

Upon completion you will have a complete written policies and procedures manual for YOUR office.  Includes copies of all recorded conference calls/meetings in MP3 or MP4.  This will be used for all further training of YOUR staff.

To schedule a consultation on a specific situation with Edie: REQUEST

To ask a question regarding enrollment of any of our consulting programs: QUESTION

Systems Integration (All areas of your clinic)

       Mission and Goals

       Aligning all areas of clinic

       Admin Scale

       Written Policies and Procedures (based on your purpose)

Front Desk

      Systems Set up

      CA Training

Documentation and Coding

Patient Account Management

       Current Systems Review

       New Systems Set up

       Staff Training

       Review Accounts Receivable - Audit


       Report Writing 


       Appeals (phone and written)

 Marketing Management



      Compliance Management




       Anti-Fraud and Abuse

Statistical Management



       Logs and Graphics



To Sign Up

FEE:  This is a 6 month commitment from you. Each step is systematically integrated into your practice to ensure ongoing success.

Total:  $7650.00 for 6 months (see cancellation policy).  May be cancelled at any time with just 15 days written notice.

  • 15% discount if paid in full at time of registration.  $6500.00
  • If you cancel prior to 6 months of membership, your account will be reassessed at Edie’s regular consulting rate of $75.00 per hours. Any overpayment will be refunded based on this calculation. Any underpayment will be invoiced to you.

Payment Plan:  $2550 (plus travel expenses) first month and $1020 for the next 5 months

First month:  One week (Monday noon thru Friday noon) in your office observation, consultation, recommendation and start of implementation. 

Plus 3 weeks of weekly training via Skype. This includes constant contact for full implementation of recommendations. (5 hours weekly includes call and written recommendations for completion)  


Second month:  Weekly training, implementation follow-up (5 hours weekly includes call and written recommendations for completion)

Third, Fourth, Fifth month:  Bi-weekly training, implementation follow-up (5 hours by-weekly includes call and written recommendations for completion)

Sixth month:  Bi-weekly training, implementation follow-up (5 hours by-weekly includes call, final written recommendations for completion and exit interview)


The entire staff will be involved in this process.

Plus Expenses: This will be calculated based on your location and will be added to your first month charges.
Within Driving Distance:  Time, car expense, lodging
Distance Travel: Airfare, lodging, economy car

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