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Identity Theft in Your Office   

But what exactly is health care identity theft and why does the World Privacy Forum say it is the most difficult of identity theft crimes to correct? According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft in a health care facility accounts for 3 percent of identity theft crimes, or 249,000 of the estimated 8.3 million people who had their identities stolen in 2005.

What is Health Care Identity Theft?

Health Care identity theft is the inappropriate or unauthorized misrepresentation of individually identifiable health information for the purpose of obtaining access to property or services, which may result in long-lasting harm to an individual interacting with the healthcare continuum. It “frequently results in erroneous entries being put into existing Health Care records, and can involve the creation of fictitious health care records in the victim’s name. Health care identity theft typically leaves a trail of falsified information in health care records that can plague victims’ health care and financial lives for years.”


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