Program Integrity: Self-Audit Toolkit

Self-audit plays an important role in the fight against healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse.  It is important because it not only helps reduce the risk of fraud, but also improper payments.  It improves patient care, lowers the chances of external audits; and helps create and foster a more robust culture of compliance.  The informational materials contained on in the guide are presented as guidelines intended to educate physicians about the importance of self-audit practices.

This resources will route you through a Self-Audit which CMS and HHS requires it be completed annually and advises it be completed quarterly.

Guide:  Road Map to

Do you have your Fraud Waste and Abuse Policies and Procedures Manual? Now required by Medicare. 

Includes our forms for conducting a self audit. 

If you currently have our Fraud Waste and Abuse Manual and I will email you a copy of the self-audit  forms FREE of Charge.  Contact me today!

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